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WLS Token is a cryptocurrency. After ICO our company will release WLS Token to the major trading platform. And with its help, you can make profit right now.

Your WLS tokens generate real money daily. The larger the amount of WLS on your account, the more daily profit you receive.

Westland Storage is one of the latest MLM entities to make an impression on my radar, and looking at the company’s official website, you won’t find anything in the way of background info.

There isn’t any mention or listing of when Westland Storage was founded, who’s running the company, or where in the world it’s based out of. Thanks to all this, Westland Storage ends up feeling incredibly faceless.

The domain name for the website (westlandstorage.com) was initially registered all the way back in 2005, but it was recently updated on May 9, 2018. This is likely when the current owner took charge of the domain, but because of the private nature, it’s impossible to see who this is or where the registration update took place.

Using the Wayback Machine, however, I can confirm that the current iteration of Westland Storage’s website first went live on April 27 of this year. Before that date, the site was used to promote a storage company somewhere in Michigan.

Furthermore, this info from the Wayback Machine lines up with Alexa rankings showing that traffic to the domain started going up quite a bit this May.

Even though it’s pretty obvious that Westland Storage (the MLM opportunity) has only been in existence for about a month, the website still claims that it has more than 8000 investors and has generated over $33.5 million in its annual profit.

Diceland Technology

DiceLand Technology is a technology developed by the specialists of our company, which serves as a platform for decentralization and tokenization of the entire real estate market.
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Bounty is an opportunity for you to earn without investing. All you need to do is complete some simple tasks that you can find below. For each task you get a certain reward.
For inviting your friends to become your partners, you will receive 10% of their investments at the first level, 5% of their investments at the second level and 3% at the third level.

Hello, dear customers!
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