MODULE - Cryptoeconomic ecosystem on a decentralized file storage network (Disruptive Blockchain 4.0)

Module is developing a platform that will allow users to rent spare memory on their computers or other devices – including smartphones and tablets – that can be used as part of a blockchain, for any data storage purpose.

The company's innovative software hopes to address problems inherent in existing blockchain services – excessive power consumption and tacit centralization – by allowing even users with low-powered hardware to host a portion of the blockchain as part of a cloud system. The company is also releasing its own cryptocurrency, the MODL token, that will be required to access its platform.


Module's MODL is an Ethereum ERC-20 compatible toke. The private presale will run from June 15th to July 31st, 2018, and its full public ICO sale will start immediately afterwards and run until August 15th. During the crowdsale, one MODL token will cost $0.008 US dollars, though customers who participate in the pre-sale will receive a 7% discount. The MODL token soft cap is 5M and the hard cap is 30M.

Collection fund distribution 

Development 40% 
Marketing 30%
Recruiting 30%

Token allocation

Mining 60%
Team and Advisors 15%
Public sale 15%
ICO incentives 5%
Private sale 5%

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One of the main goals of Module Blockchain is to simplify as much as possible the process of creating, launching, and developing your own decentralized applications or services that store and transfer data on the blockchain. Read more>>

Module's primary product is a blockchain-based data storage platform that allows anyone to act as a “miner” (data host) using their computer’s spare memory. The system isn't necessarily aimed at end users, but rather at software developers who could use it to handle the back-end for a wide variety of applications

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