"We are on a mission to create a database of all of experiences around the world and create a location based small world where each and every experience is easily accessible to us so that we can get real time updates of good and bad experiences happening around us to make us socially aware and unite against social injustice. We give each one of us equal power to express how do you feel and broadcast to the nearby world using your identity or anonymously. We encourage you to be a part of this mission, share your experiences and log_in to make your nearby world a better place to live"

Minimum purchase is 10,000 Coins tokens. Join the Pre-ICO now.
A decentralised Social Network
1 Enlte = $0.016
Already Sold 49400235 Coins

Enlte Coin Rewards Users as below

A. Spreading Awareness  Superlike or Support or Like Value  of a superlike & like - 500 / The max number of superlike ever. Value of a support = 1000 / Max number of Support Ever. 

B. Resolving Complaints  If you help resolve a complaint or negative rating, you are rewarded enlte   coins to help other users.  All negative complaints have nearby broadcasting. Users solving the complaint in 0-120 seconds - 75% of total coins earned on the post 120-300 seconds - 50% of total coins earned on the post 300 seconds - 6 hours - 33% of total coins earned on the post 6 hours - 24 hours - 20% of total coins 24 hours + - 15% of total coins earned. 

C. E-Validating the transaction .Your mobile application is always mining 
 Enlte Protocol process each and every transaction via blockchain forpublic ledger, decentralisation, mining and open source platform to makeit better and enhanced in future. 

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