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BitClave Token Sale Terms

The date is set. The BitClave public token sale will start on Nov 29th.Our project has created a lot of excitement. During the initial Pre-Sale and Deposits, we raised $22M out of $25.5M hard cap. We are oversubscribed for crowdfunding with 64,000 registered users. Thank you for your great support!  READ MORE>>

Total token supply: Community grants: 10% Team: 10% Long term budget: 30% Fundraiser: 50% Use of proceeds: Development: 38% of the budget. This financing allows for the rollout of the solution, including the necessary adjustments. Administration: 7% of the budget. Consists of associated administration costs. Community: 37% of the budget will focus on expanding adoption. This also includes the growth and maintenance of the worldwide community. Advisers: 5% of the budget. These funds will be directed at growth-hacking, PR, partnerships, affiliate programs and more. Legal expenses: 5% of the budget. Contingency: 8% of budget. This is a set-aside for unforeseen costs.
The maximum number of tokens implemented in the ecosystem is 2,000,000,000. The software does not permit change to the number of implemented tokens after the smart contract is deployed on the Network.
escrow : ico2go.com

Overall, the system has two major components: - The anonymized activity ledger, a decentralized account of relevant customer and retailer activities, including any retail activities that are observable by some party in the ecosystem (e.g., visiting a retail store, buying a product, rating a retailer). Personally identifying information is masked using an activity ledger anonymity mechanism to selectively hide individual customer/retailer identities while still allowing certain types of decentralized analytics to be computed over the ledger data, and other ledger entry fields may contain encrypted data that is only available to specific groups (e.g., conditioned release in response to achieving a smart contract trigger). Based on the ledger entries, group members will be able to perform activity ledger analytics operations to identify activity features or retail trends that enable marketing or business opportunities, for example offering discounts for a popular item or inviting customers to attend a product demo - On top of the activity ledger, will be a token exchange to provide incentives and rewards across interested parties and groups. Entities can earn tokens by contributing activity data to the ledger or through creation and execution of smart contracts with other parties

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