SWARM- Altcoin Token ( Cooperative ownership platform for real assets ) Presale !!

The Swarm Fund team plans to help the
crypto world grow to $1 trillion by bringing
tokenized real-world assets through partner
The Swarm Fund team has managed $10B in
portfolios and built platforms which handle
$25B of monthly deal flow and already has
several pre-selected funds which generate
30+% IRR through scalable models powered
by artificial intelligence LEARN MORE >

Swarm vision is to allow anyone, anywhere in the world, to participate in value creation in the crypto asset category and to seize opportunities in new asset token types, anything from depressed real estate to solar installations to rainforest conservation projects and many again. Swarm transforms financial opportunities from exclusive to inclusive. We provide empowerment, access and exchange capabilities so everyone can take part and earn their crypto funds for them. 
With Swarm we will: 

1) Make it very simple for hands-offs, or beginner crypto investors to participate in the combined wealth creation resulting from the use of crypto space.
2) Create viable frameworks and hubs for crypto investors to invest into alternative asset-based opportunity opportunities, to avoid market volatility. 
3) Introduce a new alternative liquidity center for project owners with an attractive basic economy to find capital and engage with the investor community 

The Swarm Fund team plans to help the crypto world grow to $ 1 trillion by bringing real-world assets through partner funds. 
The Swarm Fund team managed to manage a $ 10 billion portfolio and built a platform that handles monthly transaction flows of $ 25 billion and already has some pre-selected funds that generate 30% IRR per year through a measurable model supported by artificial intelligence.
Token tos holder will set the platform where all this will happen and receive additional tokens on personal blockchain. This will allow them to participate in all subfunds. The 
system is designed to be tailored for full regulatory compliance in multiple jurisdictions. Corridors between public and private blockchain tokens are also designed to conform to AML / KYC completely and follow the existing model of exchanges. 

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Apply to be a member under the following terms:
>Receive tokens which will translate to a tradable ERC20 token and allow you to use our liquid democracy platform
>Access to private in person events, including our crypto-investment seminars which provide tips from top traders and investment managers
>Access to an exclusive crypto related private communication channel for more frequent communication
>Early and privileged access to funds we are setting up, including our crypto-hedge fund
>Number of tokens purchased will be based on the Ethereum Swarm exchange rate at the time of the transaction

Swarm Token Distribution

Swarm has been a community from the very beginning, with a $1 million token sale that set in motion a whole new legal and governmental framework. Today those past contributors are joined by a new team that have pledged to take this from $1 million to $1 trillion worth of value. Every area of contribution is awarded equally.

>Easily deploy capital into real assets using the power of blockchain.
>Real Estate
Hassle free investment opportunities you can deploy in minutes.

>SaaS and Tech Corporations
Invest as little or as much capital you want without tying up your resources.

>Renewables and Preservation
Make a real impact towards restoring global health.

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