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The first decentralized crypto bank

Narbonne token is necessary to pay loans and services provided by Narbonne and other banks. Other banks and lending institutions will use the NCC as well. As a result, for investors, the NCC will become stronger and more secure.
You can spend your cryptocurrency around the world using a Narbonne debit card. You will also earn interest on your balance in the amount of 10 to 15% p. a.For this purpose we will use our extensive experience in the field of online microlending, peer to peer lending and traditional bank lending.Narbonne team has experience in creating from the scratch financial institutions in the filed of microlending in Spain, Germany and Russia. Consumer penetration is about 3 million users in these countries.Using our marketplace, you can lend to companies and individuals on the terms you choose yourself.The Narbonne project focuses on technologies to ensure highest security and privacy of your accounts. JOIN NOW !!!
Detail ICO :
Total supply:
1,000,000,000 tokens
Yes. All unsold tokens will be burned
Initial Rate:
Price per token, locked. 1 token = 0,00012 ETH
Day 1-10 = +40 %

DAY 1 = +25%
DAY 2-7 = +20%
WEEK 2 = +15%
WEEK 3 = +10%
WEEK 4 = +5%

>Narbonne Credit Coin

  1. Narbonne issues the Narbonne Credit Coin (NCC). As a result of the ICO, a part of tokens (35%) will be distributed among banks and lending institutions around the world.
  2. Using the NCC as a currency for paying loans will be a condition to obtain shares for lending institutions. Borrowers of lending institutions will have to use the NCC to pay loans. Therefore, the NCC will receive the supply in a form of existing loans and that ones being issued in the future.
  3. Narbonne will be sent 50% of profit to expand the network of lending institutions that will support the NCC


-3 500 ETH
Raising capital of 3 500 ETH will allow us to implement two services for Narbonne.
Deposits in crypto-currencies – Narbonne Wallet Safe
Settlement accounts for business - Narbonne Wallet Enterprise
The availability of both services will allow us to start activities without a banking license by attracting secured deposits and safe settlement accounts.
At this stage, it will be possible to accept deposits in the most liquid crypto currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum. In order to protect itself against the risk of sharp currency fluctuations affecting the bank’s assets, Narbonne will launch options and futures trading in partnership with the main crypto exchanges.
-16 000 ETH
Raising capital of 16 000 ETH will allow us to obtaining a banking license in an EU country. Financial audits and compliance with EU regulations and standards are necessary conditions for obtaining the license. This process takes 1 to 2 years on average.
Collateral lending is one of the areas of lending that requires a large amount of capital. This field of lending is Narbonne’s focus. Collateral lending is one of the most reliable ways of creating a loan portfolio. NRCore also has special scoring models for this type of lending.
Attracting deposits. Being an institution with a banking license, we will also be able to attract deposits in fiat currencies from private individuals and legal entities. The funds received will be used to secure lending activity.
-40 000 ETH
At this stage, Narbonne will have enough capital to create our global marketplace.
Narbonne will be able to provide large loans to small and medium-sized enterprises. We will consider applications from companies specializing in blockchain technologies and crypto currencies.
We can also act as a co-lending institution on our marketplace.
-90 000 ETH
All additional funding will allow Narbonne to carry out full-fledged and well-managed operations to increase its loan portfolio in co-lending. We can also act as a co-lending institution with other online services that specialize in lending:
*Peer-to-peer lending.
* Online microfinance lending.
The banking system will be transformed, and Narbonne will be the one that will leading that process.

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