Altcoin News ( Qtum - Test Network Released ! ) check out !!!

The Qtum Test Network is being released shortly! We would like to formally invite you to our event to celebrate this big milestone for our Blockchain project!
The testnet is scheduled to go live on June 28th. If you are in Shanghai, we hope to see you at our Launch Meetup. 
If you're a developer, you can get started creating applications on top of Qtum and prepare to launch them once we release Qtum's mainnet in September.

Please see our Technical Whitepaper -

Also we would like to inform you that few days ago Qtum cost reached 20$ and this is only the beginning.

Qtum (Pre-Launch) is trading on 4 markets


More great news:

The Qtum project sponsors the  
Join Qtum in Moscow for our first Hackathon! July 1st with $100,000.00 in tokens.

Join The Discussion
We launched the Qtum forum where we will publish official Qtum updates and engage with the community. The Dev Team will be taking part, so, you can ask questions about how you can get 

started developing on Qtum once the testnet is live -

You can also discuss on our official 
Slack -
bitcointalk forum - 

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