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is an online sportsbook which is specialised to accept Bitcoins. They offer trade betting via a betting exchange, like Betfair, and also offer live sports betting. This relatively new sports betting site is great if you fancy a spot of anonymous betting, and they have recently branched out to offer a small selection of non-sports games, such as dice

 >Deposit & Withdraw
All transactions at BetBTC need to be made with Bitcoin. Players will have to deposit and withdraw with this method, so you will need a thorough understanding of how to mine for Bitcoins, or how to purchase them from an exchange to play there. Players can deposit using full units of BTC, or they can use dBTC to top up their accounts. BTC means 1 full Bitcoin, whilst a dBTC counts as a tenth of a Bitcoin.
Once you have topped up your balance, it is time to place your bets. This sports betting site features incredibly low commissions, with only your winnings charged. There is also no maximum amount for you to stake on games, making it highly attractive to high-roller who wish to remain anonymous. The cheapest stakes you can wager cost 0.001 BTC.
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 >Casino Blackjack
 New to BetBTC is a casino dice game. Players can adjust their chance of success in the game, meaning that the less chance of success you have, the bigger the prize pay-out will be.

you can earn 300 satoshi .try to luck . hehe 

There are many more that you can play in this BetBTC.
make your fortune here.
> How to create account BetBTC ??
-Go to BetBTC
-chose you want 


 - Complete form register account

- if you want deposit , send your BTC to address BetBTC


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