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this is game casino gambling . you can join for bitcoin, dogecoin ,play money, monero , litecoin , etherum , great coin , dash , peer coin .

he best provably fair cryptocurrency gambling site offering Dice, Slot, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and Lottery.
a gambling site which in my opinion,features and provides altcoin
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overview about is an online gambling website offering six games - Dice, Blackjack, Slot, Roulette, Video Poker and Lottery. Our main goal is to offer you the opportunity to gamble online with virtual currencies safely and responsibly. Our mission is to be the leading digital entertainment company that anticipates market demands and delights our players by offering smart, safe, and fun virtual money games. Moreover, we aim to help as many people as possible to gamble for their own personal reasons.
We launched on May 2014 with our first website It was a slot machine game exclusively for Dogecoin. On August 2014, we decided to offer other, more popular cryptocurrencies to gamble with, so we opened Soon after launch, we added dice, which we continuously improve to offer our players the best experience. In September 2015, Blackjack was added and in October 2015, lottery joined the ranks. Roulette, our 5th game, was added in July 2016 and Video Poker in December 2016.
A little background about us: We’re a group of cryptocurrencies fans, who work in IT industries (Programmers and System engineers). We learned of Bitcoin back in 2011 and found it very interesting and promising. This led to the establishment of!

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for a discussion of the first IE: tutorial how to play
2. Click play now
3. fill in your data in the right (your account) when it is finished you can click login
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*review the amount of use in

*Deposit and Withdraw = minimal withdraw 0.001 and deposit minimal 0.0001

*Features and Promotions

1.affiliate program 25%
every refferal you invite get commissions of 25 %

2.invest in site bankroll 85%

3. freecoin every 3 minutes (faucet )

provides a faucet for players once every 3 minutes from a single IP address. You can request 0.00001 BTC to play with. You can actually increase your faucet bonus depending on how many messages you’ve left in chat, how many players you’ve referred to the site, loyalty (calculated in days), invested BTC and wagered funds. Each level you obtain increases the amount you receive for each faucet request as well as how many times a day you can request funds from the faucet. This is very competitive in comparison to other top tier dice sites and keeps players on the site for longer.

4. jackpot every day
Interestingly enough there is a jackpot to be won if your roll is 7.777 or 77,777, your roll is a winning roll and if the last two digits of your dice bet ID are 77. You can only win 100% of the jackpot of your bet amount is 0.005 BTC or more. You will lose a chunk of the jackpot in proportion to far below 0.005 BTC you bet. So if you bet 0.0025 BTC, you would get 50% of the jackpot.
The jackpot currently sits at $660 USD which is a decent amount although the odds of hitting is are quite low.
5. A Great Place for Beginners
 If it’s your first time gambling with crypto currencies then Crypto-Games is a great place to play. The site may not look spectacular but is provably fair and fully functional with a large community you can communicate with through the chat box. With full support for auto betting and slew of options to vary your betting ranges players can have a great time playing on the site even if they’re having a few spins on the slots game or hands of blackjack.
Crypto-Games is by no means one of the big name casinos we are used to reviewing but it still has its own special charm. We recommend visiting the site if you are looking for non-complex gaming or are new to the Bitcoin scene. You can be guaranteed to have some fun while also learning how to gamble with Bitcoins.

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